Cut Pile

  • Cut pile carpet is one of the most popular types on the market. Manufacturers loop carpet fibers and then cut the tops of the loops off, causing the bundles of yarn to stand up. Cut pile is less resistant to crushing than other loose fiber carpets.


  • Frieze is a cut pile style of carpet where the manufacturer twists the carpet fibers very tight before cutting it short.
  • Frieze carpet is generally used in high traffic areas and is ideal for hiding stains, spills and vacuum marks. Frieze carpet is tightly twisted with short, curly fibers.

Level Loop Pile

  • For level loop pile, the manufacturer loops the carpet fibers all at the same height. Unlike cut pile, the loops stay intact. A short and tightly packed level loop pile is easier to clean because it keeps dirt on the surface of the carpet.

Multi-level Loop Pile

  • Multi-level loop pile has just that–looped carpet fibers at varying heights. It’s strong for high-traffic areas, but it’s important to note that the shorter loops can sometimes trap dirt.


  • An increasingly popular type of carpet, Berber tends to be the top choice for landlords because price and durability. What makes Berber more durable is that it is made like loop pile, but with thicker carpet fibers.